"Since my Human Design Reading, I am in a new state of being where my brain is rewiring. As if a few stones from a blocked waterfall were being removed, or a chest surrounded by shackles and locks are cracking open piece by piece. I suddenly feel the depth of my identity with all its layers. Much gratitude for this."

Henry Evbuos

"Soetkin was for me my entry into Human Design, and what an entry! Although my first reading was a foundation reading at the time, she was able to intuitively pick out the right pieces from my chart that were relevant for me at that time. With clear language and ease, she exposes the complexity of your Design, so that you can work with it effectively and find more alignment in your life."

Julie Vermeire

"Everyone should know their Human Design, because it is this basic fact about yourself that motivates and supports you to truly become the person you are meant to be.  Everything I have applied so far has had a tremendous effect on my work and relationships."

Stéphanie Borgers

"Human design opens up knowledge about yourself and your being that takes you into a new reality."

Lot De Clercq

"Human Design and especially Soetkin brings me answers at moments when I feel stuck, less grounded and don't know what belongs to me (or the other). Soetkin her approach works because she asks powerful questions and gives practical tips to really implement the knowledge and live your better life."

Heleen Becuwe

"You are one of those special people who I will carry in my heart for the rest of my life because of the powerful insights you gave me, however short our journey was."

Lynn Maes